Aquarius february 25 horoscope 2020

Year of Slow your roll, Aquarius! And with Jupiter and Pluto aligning three times this year April 4, June 29, and November 12 , intangible rewards are just as important, if not more, than material ones. The sextiles between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces February 20, July 27, and October 12 assist you in aligning your career path with your deepest humanitarian values. Still, there may be some conflicts of interest when planets in Cancer, your house of work, oppose Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn July-early September.

Your eagerness to serve feels at odds with your low-key ambition for money, status, or power.

Aquarius Marriage Horoscope

When put in the service of the greater good, ambition can be a powerful thing! Stick with it, and your disciplined efforts should pay off in December, when Saturn and Jupiter move into your sign and make their Great Conjunction on the twenty-first. Faced with a tough decision? Angel Communication, Angel I am a devoted spiritualist working with the higher power.

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Chat Now! Angel Cards, Angel I am queen of spells,my rituals work with divin energy. More Weekly Monthly Overview Romantic Career. Year Choose a sign.

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Recommended Reading. It will move to Cancer on June 25th and stay until July 16, when it enters Leo.

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Until June Jupiter, planet of potential abundance and expansion is positively influencing your Sun sign. The Aquarius predictions show that This is a time when you when you may be appreciated more for your abilities, creative self-expression or become the centre of attention more. It will encourage a more spontaneous, even self-indulgent, energy and could help bring romance into your life, or create conditions for a more entertaining, or loving environment — or both! You may grow through contact with children or animals or have more access to activities where your inner child can come out to play.

Also this is a time when money can be made from speculative ventures or making use of talents which tend to be enhanced at this time. You should feel confidence growing over these months you tap into your personal power more.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 2020 Love Guide for Aquarius

Aquarians born up til 6th February or up to 17 degrees Aquarius rising will feel this vibration the most. Employers or colleagues will tend to be more appreciative of your abilities and your contribution. The downside is that you take on too much or overstep the mark. Saturn entered Scorpio on Oct 5, It starts at 9 Scorpio and ends the year at 20 Scorpio. From 6th Oct Saturn began a 2 and a half year transit of Scorpio at the top of your Solar chart.

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  5. Slowly, this will help you redefine your place in the world, your image and life direction. The Aquarius horoscope predicts that You will be restructuring your outer and inner world in gradual stages.


    Can be quite an eye-opener! Aquarians born 23rd Jan-9th Feb or with between degrees rising will feel this vibration the most.


    The forecast for Aquarius show that Uranus your ruling planet will be moving from Pisces in March where it has been bringing uncertainty and sometimes destabilization into emotions or the area of finances and your basic material security. Uranus, will now be working from Aries for about 7 years and gradually will be changing the way you think and even the language or jargon you use. Certain knowledge may feel like quite a revelation at times.

    The yearly predictions for the Aquarius show that everyday matters may have more of an edge to them and you may take up the study of something weird like astrology or something ground-breaking in the sciences. This energy also favours, anything innovative in the field of IT or sustainable energy, or other areas you might term not mainstream but which could put you ahead of the rest of the field. Aquarians born 22nd Jan-2nd Feb or with between degrees rising will feel this vibration the most over