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There is a commitment issue because Aries has trouble with vulnerability. When a person comes into their life, Aries would prefer an instant connection.

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There is the personality they allow others to see and the personality that expresses the real them. There are other people who are willing to take a chance on them and it is only right that they are considerate of both them and that. Taurus is one of the most manipulative signs of the zodiac; but at the same time, they are also one of the most focused. Taurus takes pleasure in manipulating the world and people around them.

This is done in an effort to mold all aspects to comply with the standards of their created utopia. For this reason, Taurus prides themselves on maintaining relationships both healthy and irreparable. Unfortunately,their partners may end up feeling controlled because Taurus will never break away from their "perfect" vision. Gemini have a short attention span and for this reason, it is difficult for them to be loyal and settle down. Gemini, contrary to popular belief, are capable of having long-term relationships; however, commitment is always on their terms because of their constant need for freedom.

Gemini like to come and go as they please and this aspect may cause their partner to feel restricted within the relationships. Considering the feelings of their partner will not affect their freedom. Cancer are definitely the most emotional of all the zodiac signs.

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When it comes to emotions, a Cancer will always put themselves first. Cancers will become emotionally attached to a person, but at the same time, they will refuse to open up to a person. For this reason alone, Cancers are considered to be very complex. There is an issue with Cancers because they have a tendency to overreact and magnify insignificant situations.

Leo are the most confident of all the zodiac signs, although this is often mistaken for arrogance and narcissism. Leo are so full of themselves that, similar to Taurus, they devise a false reality.

Leo is in love with the idea of love, but often become stuck in their false reality. They have trouble recognizing and understanding the problems of their partners because they believe love is supposed to happen naturally. Leo is so stuck in their fantasy that they believe they do not have to put in the work to make a relationship prosper. Recognize that love is not perfect and neither is their partner.

Love Advice for the Aquarius Woman

To have success within a relationship, they need to work on putting forth the proper effort. Virgo have difficulty with channeling their emotions. During the last months, you will tend to think too much of the future and too less at the present. This attitude can cause conflicts, especially if your partner is a Libra native.

The single Aquarius natives have no reason to worry; if their love life lacks salt and pepper, in compensation, they will find the peace they need. It is possible to have a discussion with your life partner. At work, surprising changes for the entire team might occur. As long as you keep your head on your shoulders, you will be able to find the best solution.

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope: October |

Peace and harmony for the Aquarius natives in love, with a strong capacity for seduction and nice surprises in their personal life. At work, the natives are so dutiful, they might get a distinction from their superiors. Radiating energy, the Aquarius natives will not encounter any health issues during this period. For you, March comes only with good news. In the second part of the month, you will notice that your finances are much better. Everything you pursue is quickly showing fruits. Aside from some minor stomach issues, you can also boast of your great health!

Love flows through your veins and you are emanating sexuality, with Jupiter in the house of love. At work, it is better to dedicate yourself to intellectual activities because you have an agile mind and great communication skills. Pisces, the homebody that they are, will appreciate the new world Aquarius can offer. Likewise, Pisces shares the Aquarius drive for knowledge, their interest for trying new things, and their passion for exploration.

Reading your Daily Love Horoscope for Pisces will help you see opportunities to improve your relationship. The intimacy that Pisces looks for in a relationship may be something that Aquarians cannot give can be a reason why Pisces may leave them.


The Aquarius level of maturity when it comes to their emotions is not as remarkable as Pisces may want it to be. They want a cozy nest, which Aquarians find hard to give. Aquarians are not passionate, never intimate, and less likely to show their emotions. Though, they can love unconditionally, it takes time and patience from their partners before they can fully give it.

Pisces clings more on their emotional side. They like to be caressed, cared for, and thought of all the time. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants to be free, and do their thing as they please. Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not like to be tied down, much less a partner who is too clingy and needy. They prefer a partner who can understand them during times they need to detach themselves from everything.

Don'ts With an Pisces and Aquarius Relationship. Aquarians are friendly in nature, covering a wide scope of social ground. Pisces is sensitive in nature, and is more into intimate and smaller groups of friends. It is very obvious; this love match has its set differences.

It is advisable that both parties do not give up understanding and giving each other their chances.

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Pisces should never demand too much from their Aquarian as they are social butterflies while Aquarian should try to give in to what their Pisces wants; a time for emotional nourishment. Likewise, Pisces must not stop providing intellectual stimulation to their Aquarian. They are more likely to stick with someone who challenges their mind, and strives to feed their curiosity and need for knowledge. They can do this by striving for meaningful conversations about their Aquarian's work, hobbies, and interests, or about places where their Aquarian can be intellectually inspired.

Lastly, Pisces tends to be laid back, emotional, clingy, and sensitive.

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