December aquarius career horoscope

The planets line up today to make you feel very romantic and emotional.

Your September Monthly Horoscope

You have just been paying lip service to the tenets of love recently, but now you are ready to fully commit yourself to the requirements of love. This call to action from your heart comes at a very critical time indeed and if you want to preserve your romantic partnership, you must act on it without delay.

Understand compatibility with love horoscope.

Aquarius: Sept. - Dec. 2019! More than Friendship! Online Connections!Career Changes!

Check love percentage using love calculator. While there will be a natural tendency to shirk your responsibilities, this can land you in trouble with your superiors.

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The fact is you are avoiding work more out of habit rather than from any genuine desire to laze around. The time is just right to take on more responsibilities and throw yourself more into your work. Hard work and sincere effort will be rewarded y success today. Jupiter clashes with Neptune on September 21 for the third time this year: think back to January 13 and June 16, as threads from those times in your life will resurface for you to work with.

Neptune and Jupiter have things in common: They are both planets associated with belief. But Neptune is prone to denial, while Jupiter is always concerned with the truth. As they clash, you will learn where you have been ignoring the truth and be tasked with accepting it.

Doing so can be hard and might even feel embarrassing! September 22 brings an opportunity to have a real, but difficult, conversation as Mercury clashes with Saturn; boundaries, expectations, and standards will be set.

Money & Career

People will be in a grumpy mood, so now is not the time to ask for a favor. Instead, use that energy toward getting organized. Libra season begins on September 23! Chatty Mercury connects with philosophical Jupiter on September 24, inspiring a wonderful atmosphere for socializing and sharing ideas. Secrets are shared and discoveries are made as Mercury clashes with Pluto on September 26; watch out for shady people and manipulators, and be careful who you share information with.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for October 12222

A fresh start arrives with the new moon in Libra as Venus connects with Jupiter on September 28! New moons, as the name suggests, are all about new beginnings, and you are ready for yours. This new moon asks you to be patient as you look at the big picture. Seductive Venus mingles with generous Jupiter, bringing a boost to romance, but you, dear Aquarius, will especially feel this as your community helps you plan your next steps. Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in October!

This can be the start of a good career rise over the next few years. It's good to have casual coffee meetings with co-workers to make connections now.

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There might be a class you need to take for your job or some certification that needs completing this month. Mars enters Libra, the sign of partnerships, on October 3. It would be good to pair up with someone who can help you study or get paperwork completed.

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If you work out of your home, make sure to back up and secure your computer and other equipment. Have valuable equipment connected to surge-protectors in case of electrical spikes or lightning storms. This can save your data and save you time.

The new moon on the twenty-seventh offers a new beginning at work. This can be a new project or a new computer system. There could be a change in upper management that affects the whole corporate culture.